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Enterprise Email Solutions

Scalix offers the worlds best complete email solution. Do you need to upgrade your legacy Exchange server to a more secure, more reliable, full-featured email implimentation with a better web interface without interrupting the Outlook skills your users have already built up and cut management time? You need Scalix.

Voice over IP

Asterisk allows interoffice calling without the long distance cost. Employees on the road stay connected with the corporate phone network. Voicemail and Call recording accessible through a web browser. Platform agnostic, so you can choose the best handset for your environment, or mix and match.

File and Print Servers

Samba offers a faster file and print server than Windows without the cost. Combined with LDAP, you have a compelling Enterprise solution. Would the money you spend on licensing offer you a Competitive advantage if it was used to directly grow your business?

Firewalls and VPNs

Unlimited VPN connections. Web Based Administration. Rock Solid reliability. What more could you ask for?


Peace of Mind

Linux is the fastest growing Operating System in the world today. Recommended by a growing list of vendors, including IBM, Oracle, HP and Intel, Open Source Solutions offer improvements in almost every area of computing. We specialize in Open Source solutions for the Enterprise. Would you like a competitive advantage?

Outlook functionality without the headaches of Exchange.

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Linux Expertise.

From the beginning, we've focused on Linux and open source software. Since then, we've moved hundreds of users to more reliable, more secure solutions based on Linux. We use it ourselves, and we contribute to the code on several open source projects. We are one of Calgary's best Linux support professionals.

  Our Office solutions have never been so simple.