About Us

Our History

Digital Adrenaline was born out of a desire for a better network. As IT professionals for several years, we felt that we needed a solution that would allow us to have evenings, weekends, and holidays with our families rather than spending them patching upgrading or fixing something. Open Source fit that bill. It was easy and inexpensive for us to work with. Over time we've found that some things work well, and some things don't. But overall, we've saved our clients and ourselves hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we've reconnected with our families.

Our Vision

We envision a world where IT isn't seen as a cost center. We envision being a part of the team, anticipating, implementing solutions that facilitate simplicity in other business processes. Our vision of IT is similar to yours at home.

We expect that when we rent a DVD, it will just play.

We expect that when we put something into a microwave, it will work.

We expect our alarm clock to wake us up in the morning.

These are all computer controlled devices, and they work flawlessly.

Why should we expect less from our Corporate networks?

  This is great. I'm sold.   

Reality Check

Outages aren't acceptable with an elevator, a car or a telephone. Why should a PC be any different?