Network Support

Digital Adrenaline has a team of support professionals who work on Linux every day. We have assisted in developing the VPN code for IPcop. We've built and continue to maintain international networks. We live it, we breath it. We are Calgary's best team.

Product Offerings

Due to our immersion in Linux and Open Source generally, we are uniquely positioned to align ourselves with the best available products. From Scalix's email software to Asterisk's phone PBX, to IPcop firewalls, we bring the world's best solutions to your network. Our preference for Open solutions means you don't get locked into a single vendor, and our solutions are far less expensive than those offered by competitors. This frees you to grow your business rather than worrying about your network infrastructure.

  Scalix just works for us. No corrupt message stores, no hassles with backups, no patching to protect ourselves from another virus or vulnerability, and no downtime. It's the perfect email solution. Even concerns about spam are a thing of the past.   

Phone Networks

Customers often ask about upgrading their phone networks. Voice over IP addresses many problems associated with a traditional PBX including long distance and phone portability. Oil and Gas offices like that it allows people to record their own calls, and receive voicemail messages via email too.